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Huawei Enterprise (Poland). The Content Platform of the leaders of digital transformation.

Most people in Poland know Huawei. It is associated with excellent smartphones and a famous footballer. For the first time in history, Huawei has been placed in top ten most valuable brands included in the Brand Finance Global 500 report. The brand value has been estimated at 65 billion dollars. In the 2020 report Huawei got the 10th place, moving up from the 12th position in 2019, and the 25th position in 2018.

However, not everyone is aware of the fact that Huawei is a major player on the ICT market. Huawei Enterprise Business Group (EGB) delivers IT solutions to the most complex and demanding projects under digital transformation.

Huawei Enterprise is an independent and private company which delivers information and communication technologies (ICT). It employs nearly 188 000 people and provides integrated solutions in four key domains – telecommunication networks, IT, smart devices and services in the cloud. The company provides digital technologies for everyone, to every household and organisation, for wholly connected and intelligent world.

Our objective was to create a content platform, which would effectively present specialised information to the integrators and resellers dealing with IT B2B. We wanted to extend the concepts of the platform with unique content and add the function of the mobile app and a set of special functions available after logging in.

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a challenge for both our health and businesses. There has been a rapid and irreversible digital revolution. No one separates activities into off-line and on-line anymore. There is only marketing in the digital era. Huawei EBG has always placed importance on the quality of content marketing and digital solutions which would help their partners in education, technical skills and business insights.

Huawei Enterprise, in order to meet the needs of their partners in Poland and CEE region, initiates developing a content marketing platform which will be filled with unique information about the Huawei world.  When it comes to B2B IT, providing the recipients with valuable content is crucial. Huawei Digital Leaders is a typical Content Hub, which allows fluent managing and distribution of the content. The partners use various sources and have skills on different levels. We would like to give them a tool which normalises this aspect.

The platform is going to be gradually built up. The implementation of the platform in the other countries within CEE region doesn’t present as a huge production challenge. Advanced analytics, implementation and PWA methods allow using the website as a phone application, which makes user experience as comfortable as possible.

The front-end layer was prepared as PWA, with the use of Service workers, Vue.js and Nuxt.js. NPM is responsible for relations and packages, it was used to build the application in its development as well as production version.

We hope that the platform  will become an important place in the information ecosystem addressed to the integrators and resellers.

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