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It’s worth betting on PWA

Plenty of our clients choose websites created as progressive web applications.

We would like to familiarise you with this approach in terms of the efficiency, UX as well as the benefits for the business. It’s an interesting area.

First of all, the PWA approach does not mean creating a website from scratch using any technology. This is the capability to increase the efficiency through implementing a particular methodology. Surely, the most sensible way is to build the website in PWA methodology from scratch. The advantage of PWA is first and foremost building some specific user experience. PWA usually loads in 2-3 seconds. Thus, it records a lower bounce rate and engages the users
much more.

When you browse websites created as progressive web applications, you note the page load time. PWA works with poor internet connection and is ready to work offline as well. It is a model example of the mobile-first approach. Progressive means the ability to constantly develop and improve our environment. It is us who decide about the direction our app takes.

Bearing in mind that this is a methodology, what are the requirements to fulfil?

There are a few requirements below:

  • The domain must have SSL certificate
  • The website must be responsive, which means that the information  architecture is designed according to ‘mobile-first’ approach
  • PWA manifest must be added to the website (the information about the application, the opening method, the icons etc.)
  • We must have JavaScript file which includes the logic of the PWA support
  • We need to add a suitable meta entry in the head section of our website
  • We have to get at least 75% score in Google Lighthouse

There are some dedicated solutions compatible with PWA that enable quick implementation of e- commerce, e.g. Vue Storefront technology.

As for the business, PWA is a perfect solution.
Online shops work on mobile devices without any problems. The user appreciates the assets of the mobile approach. Your platform runs smoothly both as a website and a native application.
This way you do not need to create a separate application. The user can also browse the page without the access to the Internet. You improve your search rank in Google. In addition, faster loading reduces server workload.

It is one thing to implement e-commerce application, it is another to implement it and maintain. Less and less software developers choose to remain with creating applications for iOS and Android. The labour market shows a decrease in demand for such services. It means that over time you may struggle with cost-efficiency of your application.

Are you interested in the PWA approach?
Do you want to enhance your business?

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