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Selling in the digital era

A sudden digital revolution affects almost every aspect of the business. The subject of…

Paweł Kasprzycki October 9, 2020

Huawei Enterprise (Poland). The Content Platform of the leaders of digital transformation.

Most people in Poland know Huawei. It is associated with excellent smartphones and a…

Paweł Kasprzycki October 9, 2020

You start the journey with e-commerce. Start with marketplace.

We all know platforms such as eBay, Allegro, alibaba, Amazon. These are some sort…

Paweł Kasprzycki October 9, 2020

The analysis of e-commerce. The aspects worth considering.

The analysis of e-commerce platform is a complicated issue. There is a number of…

Paweł Kasprzycki October 9, 2020

It's worth betting on PWA

Plenty of our clients choose websites created as progressive web applications. We would like...

Paweł Kasprzycki May 17, 2020

Medical shops are facing a great challenge nowadays

Reading time: 7 min „This is not the time for promotion and brand building...”...

Paweł Kasprzycki May 16, 2020