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The first Decathlon shop, an international producer and distributor of sports clothing and equipment, was founded in 1976 in France. The first shop in Poland was opened in 2001 in Targowek, one of the districts in Warsaw. Since the beginning Decathlon’s mission has been to enable the greatest number of people to enjoy doing sports and benefit from it.

A) Implementing the internal system of intranet type and B) preparing the system for HR so as to automatise the processes in the company

A) Intranet
Creating the accounts for all the employees from Poland in the system
Preparing the functionality of full editing, including the option of adding new content
Preparing a system of permissions for the organisationIntegration of the weather forecast (the widget downloads the weather forecast for the user’s hometown)
Preparing a survey/quiz module
Preparing a database of shops with contact information and the employees assigned to these shops
Preparing a notice board module for the employees

B) HR system
Preparing HR system to automatise the processes in the company
Preparing the module of employee benefits and perks (multisport, private healthcare) with the option of adding grace period for the new hires. In addition, the module enables adding family members to various benefits.
Preparing logging module for the employees
Preparing a system of notifications for the HR department which informs about the changes introduced by the employees
Preparing a module which generates full financial reports for each settling period for each employee with the option of downloading it as a spreadsheet
Preparing the remuneration module

Technologies and solutions
Implementing SSO (Single Sign-On)

The development of the systems has automatised a lot of time consuming processes

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