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We offer a holistic approach.

We combine many competences to support your business in digital times.

Strategic consulting

We offer comprehensive branding and marketing strategies.

We are practitioners, we have worked for the biggest B2B companies in Poland. We implement our own methodology as well as well-tried and specific strategic tools.

The strategy of the brand is fundamental and we take it into consideration seriously. Without a deep engagement into the operational and strategic processes, there is no strong and expressive strategy.
We are accounted for the effect.

Mobile websites

We design websites according to the mobile first approach as well as PWA.

Nowadays responsiveness is a standard, which is why we think about the end user’s experience right from designing the UI. The sites created according to the PWA methodology are prepared with a view to future positioning. The efficiency of the website is also optimised.

If you don’t have time to update your platform, we will do it for you. Our services have a warranty of 12 months.

Online shops for businesses

We build online shops on Magento platform.

Perfect information architecture or a beautiful design without technological and strategic consulting will not bear online sales.

Online shops work on mobile devices – this is a standard. Thus, designing and implementation according to Progressive Web App is so important. This is the basis of UX, the efficiency of the website as well as better indexing in Google.

The shops we build bring your clients the joy of shopping.

Service and SLA technical support 24/7/360

Our company offers technical support as well as SLA (Service Level Agreement) for our clients.

The client can also call us to get assistance with the technical aspects of our services. We ensure the highest quality of the services within the parameters stated in the contract and provide services in a development environment and on-site.

Our company offers comprehensive technical support with solving problems connected with the functioning of the IT environment, including providing the readiness for service and carrying out the service within specific time with the guarantee of maintaining the reaction timeframe.

Lead Generation Marketing

We specialise in winning new business contacts for our clients.

Generating new clients is the greatest challenge for every marketer and sales manages. We use our own model of connecting the functionality of LinkedIn, Google AdWards and Content Marketing.

We analyse the needs of our potential clients successfully and the conversion rates of the marketing activities. We also offer legal consultation for the correspondence with GDPR.

Depending on the requirements we use various types of accounting: CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPA (Cost Per Action) including CPP (Cost Per Phone), CPO (Cost Per Order), CPD (Cost Per Download) and CPS (Cost Per Sale). We also use the hybrid accounting system.

Content Marketing

We specialise in building the content for specific branches such as IT or pharmacy.

In the modern world, valuable content is the fundament of the activities in digital world.

We provide valuable content for specialist sectors. Our goal is to engage potential clients, high positioning and building expert profile.

On-line campaigns accounted for the effect

We buy on-line advertisements in programmatic model. We are accounted just for the results.

Programmatic is an automatic way of buying the commercial area. The process resembles an auction.

The system analyses the data such as: the interests, shopping intentions and behavioural data.

The purchase is made in real time, which means that one can reach the user here and now on all devices and desktops.